So you want to learn how to ride a motorcycle, have no experience, and need an Arizona motorcycle license?  All Basic RiderCourse graduates are exempt from Arizona MVD motorcycle tests, since they’ve completed written and riding testing during our Basic RiderCourse class.  After taking our course you will receive a certificate to get your endorsement through MVD – so NO TESTING from MVD at all!!!

At MRT, our goal is to provide ALL motorcyclists–from the novice to those who have traveled the miles–the finest instructors and educational experience available for motorcycle safety, maximum performance, and enjoyment while riding.

Certified by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF), our RiderCoaches will ensure that your learning experience is exciting and fulfilling, whether you’re looking to expand your existing motorcycle skills or develop new ones.

We have a 98% success rate – if you are looking for instructors that care about you and your ability to handle a motorcycle in Phoenix traffic – this is the school for you!

Check out our RiderCourses today, and get yourself registered so you can enjoy the experience of riding your motorcycle safely and confidently!

We support AMSAF with SCHOLARSHIPS    Please check them out, they release scholarships every month!  And then give us a call to get signed up for a class!!



“Great class!!  Lots of fun, easy to understand, and definitely improved my riding knowledge. I would  recommend this course to everyone.” – Joe S


2011 6 Million Mark

Sept. 12, 2011 – The Motorcycle Safety Foundation® recently graduated its six millionth RiderCourseSM student, a milestone reached through the ongoing efforts of nearly 10,000 RiderCoaches at more than 2,000 training sites worldwide. Though it would be impossible to identify the six millionth student, the MSF determined the total number of graduates through its enrollment statistics.



 Classes fill up Fast!  Due to limited enrollment, pre-registration is required.

 Schedule your class today with MRT.  All classes are held on 3-day weekends:  Friday 6:00pm – 9:30pm;  Saturday 6:30am – 3:00pm;  Sunday 6:30am – Noon.

The more you know, the better it gets!

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The BASIC RIDERCOURSE standard fee is $250.00.   Now reduced to $225.00 which includes two Classroom and two Range sessions.   MRT furnishes the motorcycles as well as helmets, gloves and protective eyewear for those students who do not use their own gear.